Hakka Tin Mining Museum. Ipoh, Malaysia.

Founded by Towkay Leong Fee in 1893, Han Chin Pet Soo – the Hakka Miners’ Club has always been a place of mystery as entry was barred to everyone except club members and their VIP guests. This is where members enjoy life after work, it provides entertainment, legalised gambling, prostitution, opium as well as Hakka cuisine dining, needless to mention imported hard liquors and alcohols.

Today, the original building serves as the tin mining museum that houses histories of mining business in Ipoh, its revolution and downturns.

IMG_9070 IMG_9072

The building is well-preserved where original stairs, floor tiles and furnitures remain. Imported corner basins, taps, whiskey flask and tables can also be seen in the area, presenting the originality of the club, and its luxurious.

There are three floors in total:
1st Floor – dining room & kitchen
2nd Floor – entertainment & opium room
3rd Floor – guest rooms

On the third floor, it exhibits the history of Chinese migration to the world, including how Hakka people migrated to Malaysia and South East Asia. It provides very interesting facts and information about the world’s Chinese migration trends.

IMG_9081 IMG_9065

Han Chin Pet Soo is Malaysia’s first Hakka tin mining museum located on the edge of Ipoh’s Old Town, close to the Kinta River.

Free admission, you can pay as you wish upon completing the tour. There are four guided tours a day that last for approximately 90 minutes, by online reservation only.

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