Kurashiki – charming water town. Okayama, Japan.

Kurashiki, Okayama Japan. Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan. Kurashiki, Okayama Japan

Kurashiki is not frequently mentioned on any travel guidebook. It’s more famous among the domestic travellers. I came to Kurashiki without a plan. In order for me to utilise the KANSAI-HIROSHIMA Area Pass efficiently to reach Takamatsu in Shikoku, I have to change the train at Okayama Station. I came across this lovely water town from a poster in Okayama Station.

Built along the Kurashiki River 300 years ago during the Edo Period, as a merchant and trade quarter, buildings and shop houses in Kurashiki are very well maintained. Among them, famous historical buildings include Torajiro Kojima Memorial Museum, Kurashikikan (Tourist Information Office), Archeology Museum and Ohashi House. They are all located within the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter.

Cobble stoned narrow streets with 100 years old shop houses and wooden boats on the canal brings out the essence of this charming water town, where one can imagine he is back to the Edo period. It’s definitely worth a visit, even for half a day.

Okayama to Kurashiki by JR Sanyo Line – 15 minutes. Find out more on Kurashiki here.

My Stay in Kurashiki – Hostel Cuores Kurashiki. Tucked away from the main street, this charming hostel is well designed to bring international travellers together. Comfortable hang out space, cool relaxation areas and brilliant dining options make everyone feel likening at home.


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  1. Mchan says:

    I remember going to the Yumiko Igarashi museum and being very excited since she created the character of Candy which we watched as children with my friend. It is a really charming city.


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