Misonikomi Udon. Nagoya, Japan.


Among many famous foods in Nagoya, Miso is probably the champion of all. From Miso Katsu, Miso Oden to Misonikomi Udon, Chefs in Nagoya can really imagine anything with miso!

Top the famous food chart of Nagoya is definitely Misonikomi Udon, literally means udon in miso broth is a staple food among Nagoya natives, throughout all seasons. The broth is a full-bodied and rich flavour broth that made with bonito, shiitake mushrooms and soybean miso. While udon is the focus, a bowl of white rice us normally served and should be eaten last with the remaining of the broth.

One of the best places to try Misomikomi Udon is at one of Nagoya’s oldest and most famous Misonikomi Udon specialty restaurants – Yamamotoya.

Beware: you might smell of miso after a meal in Yamamotoya as the fragrance of the rich miso will stick on your clothes!

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