Flowers Heaven. Furano, Japan.

img_5019Summer is all about flowers viewing in Japan, especially in Furano, approximately an hour by train from the centre of Sapporo.

Flowers viewing, known as “Hanami” in Japanese literally means take that journey to somewhere and view flowers in large sum, with many others at the same time. However, I didn’t see many of them truly appreciate the beauty and colours of the flowers, instead, I saw many creative poses for photography and selfies. This is what I called tourists, in definition.

img_5020I, as a traveler on the other hand, prefer to see things in details, with ample time to wander around while I am on the journey. So I decided to go on a slow course in Furano. I rented a bicycle for half a day to explore farms, grasslands and green hills through winding roads, avoiding main roads full of tourists.

With “The Sound of Music”theme song playing repeatedly in mind (and singing out loud at times), I cycled through the cool breeze with warm sunlight shining above. It was indeed the best moment in life, where troubles were forgotten and others’ mistakes were forgiven.

My Stay in Sapporo: Hotel Resol Trinity Sapporo. It’s close to the Sapporo station, 10 minutes by foot, or right in front of the Odori Subway station if you chose not to walk (that’s one stop from Sapporo station). The hotel is located in between of Sapporo Station and Susukino, facing the large Odori Park.

Great design with best use of space, coupled with modern furnitures and most importantly spacious bathroom, which is rare in Japan. The hotel also offers complimentary spa, where you can soak in and overlooking the city though I didn’t have the time to try but I am sure it’s a plus after a rough day of sightseeing in the midst of summer. Staffs are helpful and friendly too, which is much appreciated in a foreign country when your Japanese language is at bare minimum level.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Love the vibrant hues. You truly have experienced it the way it should be.


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