Shurakuen Great Buddha. Nagoya, Japan.

img_7136The mind is everything. What you think you become. ~ The Buddha


Friday afternoon, feeling extremely disturbed by one miserable incident, I took the train to Shurakuen Park hoping a walk could clear my mind. I walked uphill and saw the Great Buddha statute up close. It is the same statue I have been seeing in the past 6 months from the train en route to my school in Kanayama.

Elegantly positioned on the hill of Shurakuen Park, 18.79m in height, the Great Buddha sat still with calmness, listening to every single word I wanted to say. Though the cold wind was swirling under the temperature of 8°c, I felt warmth from HIS kind face and patience listening to me.

I walked around the statue to see HIM from different angle. Each angle brought out the beauty of the Great Buddha under the clear blue sky. In 30 minutes, I was enlightened!

I realised then, one must see things from different perspectives, narrow mind limits constructive thinkings.

For what I have prayed for on that afternoon, He has granted me the wishes. Thank you Great Buddha.

Access: Meitetsu Line, Shurakuen Station, less than 5 minutes walk.

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