Oirase Stream Trail. Aomori, Japan.


img_4908Oirase Stream, measures 14km in total from Nenokuchi (near Towada Lake) to Yakeyama, is the most visited sight in Aomori prefecture.

Famous for its waterfalls, clear streams, unique rock formation, wooden bridges and changing colours of the nature in respective season.

The trail is pleasant, with most of the path being covered by greeneries and shades of old trees. Among these breathtaking sites along the trail, Choshi Waterfall is by far the most remarkable sight where one can hear the flow of water running through the big rocks.

Choshi Waterfall is one of those places that if you saw it in pictures you would wonder, ‘What magical part of the world is this and when is my next vacation so I can fly out there?’ ~ japan travel.com


Besides paradise-like scenery along the trail, you can  also catch painters along the way, with their paintbrush and creativity to capture the live scenery into a drawing.

Bus serviced are available along the gorges with limited frequency, should you plan to skip a few kilometres along the way, have the bus timetable in hand!

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