Kanto Festival. Akita, Japan.

img_1013The Kanto Festival is a harvest festival in Akita, where hundred of performers balance massive candle-lit lantern poles on different parts of their body including their palms, hips, shoulders or foreheads in a show of skill and strength. The shape of the kanto signifies the ear of rice, with 46 lanterns imitating the straw bags of rice.

“Dokkoisho, dokkoisho,
Dokkoishosho, dokkoisho,
Oetasa, oetasa,
Nekkotsuida, oetasa”

The team in support shouts with high spirit for the ear of rice, and another year of good harvest along with music played by drums and flutes.

The festival lasts for a few hours starting from dawn to night, the las t team who survive the performance with the longest lasting session.

Kanto Festival is held annually between 2-8 August in Akita City.


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