Slow Food. Singapore.

Judging from the name, “Slow Food” promotes food culture and dining experiences that go against fast food. I was wrong.

IMG_2943I came across Slow Food International – a global, grassroots organization who are linking good food with a commitment to their community and the environment through a TV program. The documentary discussed the ideas behind slow city, slow ride, slow walk and of course, slow food.

Slow Food promotes local produce, supports local community, conserves traditional cooking methods which is normally slower than new, modern cookings, and most importantly encourages us, who eat, to truly appreciate the goodness of food with focus.

Due to the scarce land Singapore has, most of the foods are imported from neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Thailand as well as Japan, Australia and even USA. So how can one support local produce when you live in Singapore like me?

Well, the least I can do to support the mission of Slow Food, is at least to buy fresh vegetables and fruits from the local market. 50% of what they sell in the local market come from neighbouring countries, and with that I guess I am supporting local farmers in Malaysia and Thailand indirectly.

Step 2 is all about slow cook. Roast vegetables can be easily done using the oven. I tried using a frying pan and slowly stir and toss them around, enjoying the progress of seeing each pieces turing into golden brown color mystically.

Last but not least, I eat them slowly. Taste the freshness, listen to the crunch of that celery and feel the sweat and hard work of those farmers who grow them.

Slow food concept has changed me to become more appreciative, not just on food but in other aspect of life too. Join me to support Slow Food International today and eat with responsibility!


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