Tensoba. Japan.

IMG_2861-0Tensoba (天そば)or Tempura Soba (天婦羅そば) is a very common Japanese noodle dish served in almost every restaurant or food stall in Japan.

Tempura soba is basically buckwheat noodle served in hot broth made with dashi and soy sauce, topped with tempura prawn (some also topped with tempura mixed vegetable).

Clear hot soup, heartwarming. Healthy noodle, refreshing. Crispy battered tempura prawn, delicious. Three goodness in one bowl, that’s how good food should be served!

Some soba specialty restaurant in Tokyo to recommend: Tsukiji Soba Academy, Matsuya and Narutomi where handmade soba is freshly prepared.


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  1. Luna says:

    ooooo that prawn looks so good! I prefer udon noodles but this is nice too. Still waiting for the day I can get to Japan to try the ‘authentic’ version. 🙂


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