Blue House. Hong Kong.

IMG_0602I heard about the Blue House recently online. Since it’s being categorised as Hong Kong’s first grade conservative building, I decided to take a closer look at it.

With great Chinese and Western architecture influence, the Blue House was once hospital and Kung Fu studio before it’s rebuilt in 1920s. During the rebuilt, legend has it there is a surplus of blue paint, hence the building is in blue! Being on of the oldest tenement building in Hong Kong, there are still residents living in it.

Ground floor of the building is now occupied by Hong Kong House of Stories, opened from 11am – 6pm, where it exhibitis community cultural issues in Hong Kong, especially on Wan Chai livelihood.


The building was the original site of the first hospital ‘Wah To Hospital’ (aka “Wan Chai Kai Fong Hospital”), which was built in the 1870s in Wan Chai. The hospital, which provided Chinese medical services to local Chinese, was possibly the first hospital in the district.

After the hospital closed in 1886, the 2-storey building was then used as a temple for Wah To (Pinyin: Hua Tuo), the revered Chinese physician from the Three Kingdoms period.

The building was demolished around late 1910s or early 1920s. It was turned into four 4-storey tenement blocks in mid 1920s. The building was subsequently used as a martial arts school in the 1950s by Lam Cho, the nephew of Lam Sai Wing (one of the followers of Wong Fei Hung), and as an osteopathy clinic in the 1960s.

The construction was acquired by the Government in the 1970s, and the outer walls painted blue, and was thus named the Blue House.

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