Charm of Hong Kong in Wan Chai.

To experience Hong Kong, go on foot and get close to the locals in Wan Chai. Old buildings juxtapose with new, where all modes of transport share the same street, from ding ding trams to double decker buses and bicycle…this is a scene that makes Hong Kong, a metropolitan different from Singapore.

I come to Hong Kong, just for this experience, not for the branded goods shopping nor fine dining. I come here to fully experience the local daily life and its traditional dining scenes.
Forget about MTR and taxi the next time you are in town, see the true Hong Kong on foot, you will gain more than a usual visitor, plus the fact that it burns fat! Just nice to offset the sinful but super delicious food you will indulge in town.

Travel is a journey. It’s not about been there, done that, tick the box!


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